Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees
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Elected by the people to govern 51 Schools, Trustees are the guardians of the public trust and, through the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for our schools. 

Board meetings and agendas

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Board of Trustees

Elected by the people to govern 51 Schools, Trustees are the guardians of the public trust and, through the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for our schools. This responsibility and the accessibility of Trustees to the voters make the Board one of the purest examples of democracy in our society.

51 Trustees represent 355 square miles in northwest Bexar County and parts of Medina and Bandera counties and are elected by voters of their respective single-member districts. 51 continues to be the “destination” district in San Antonio for many families seeking a quality school system for their children and for employees seeking a quality place to work.

A map of 51's single-member districts is shown on the left and is for illustrative purposes only, as the boundaries depicted are approximate. (See a clearer view of each single-member district.)

The Bexar County Elections Department manages a database that allows you to enter your home address to find out which trustee represents you. To access that database, visit their .

2023-2024 Board-Superintendent Goals

Goal 1: Continue to foster and develop the 51 ISD Culture

  • Create a system whereby staff and trustees hear from students and parents about important issues impacting their educational experience
  • Provide support to trustees as needed as they engage in various community events and advocacy initiatives
  • Measure areas of satisfaction and opportunities for improvement at NISD schools
  • Create and implement a district-wide marketing campaign to promote NISD learning opportunities, magnet programs and school choice


Goal 2: Improve participation and achievement in the broad variety of academic and co-curricular and extra-curricular programs offered in 51 ISD

  • Improve student performance on multiple measures of data for all tests, levels, and groups (pending new STAAR results and established cut-points)
  • Improve access to individualized, accelerated course work in the grades prior to high school
  • Improve students’ access to, participation and achievement in advanced academics including dual credit/enrollment, advanced placement and industry recognized certifications
  • Improve achievement on measures of CCMR to include SAT, ACT, TSI, military enlistment and successful completion of CTE coherent sequence
  • Improve access to, participation rates, and expansion of co- and extracurricular activities to include: fine arts, JROTC, CTE, athletics, service learning organizations and clubs 


Goal 3: Ensure there is a high-quality teacher in every classroom

  • Initiate the Teacher Incentive Allotment program to assist with teacher recruitment and retention efforts and reward the highest performing educators 
  • Explore differentiated strategies to fill and retain positions in areas of high need to include alternative certification programs and comprehensive professional development support 
  • Ensure the district remains a regional leading employer providing competitive compensation and benefit packages 
  • Explore teacher workload and time restraints and identify strategies to reduce redundant, non-essential tasks 


Goal 4: Implement a comprehensive system that focuses on school safety, Social Emotional Learning/mental health support and whole child development

  • Develop and implement a communication plan regarding the ‘whole child’ focus, programs of choice, and branding in NISD
  • Implement the Classroom Behavior Framework in NISD schools including campus behavior support meetings, PLC meetings, and district-wide professional development
  • Develop and implement plans to integrate new school safety requirements to include personal device acceptable use regulations and education platforms promoting digital citizenship 
  • Ensure a comprehensive, fair and consistent discipline management program is implemented with fidelity to support educators across the district.
  • Develop and implement a consistent plan to strengthen adult SEL/mental health support and behavioral competencies to foster a positive campus and district culture.