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Prioritizing Student Safety Online

Bark for Schools+

Ensuring the safety of our students while they use school-provided devices and accounts is our utmost priority at 51. The 51 has implemented Bark for Schools+, a student safety monitoring application to enhance this aspect. This robust tool is provided at the middle and high school levels, offering us an invaluable resource to safeguard our students' online activities, both within the school environment and at home.

What is Bark for Schools+ and How Does it Operate? 

Bark for Schools+ is installed as an extension of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Chat. It is a content monitoring tool that leverages powerful artificial intelligence technology to help detect potentially dangerous or inappropriate situations that students may be facing both in and out of school, including:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Threats of violence
  • Predatory advances
  • Sexual content
  • Suicidal ideation

Alert Process

If potential digital concerns arise on school-issued accounts, Bark for Schools+ can send designated school representatives specialized alerts to ensure they can address the situation in a timely manner. These alerts serve a dual purpose by addressing the specific situation and providing valuable insights that contribute to the overall well-being and safety of our student body.

It is important to understand that both the 51 and Bark strongly committed to protecting student privacy. It is worth noting that this student safety application will only act as a resource to flag or identify if/when any of the above situations take place. The 51 will not utilize this tool to monitor communications other than what is flagged in the previously mentioned categories with the intention of keeping student safety in mind.

For more information on the Bark for Schools+ software solution itself, please feel free to visit their website at .

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